GetResponse Review: The Marketing Email Service You’ve Been Looking For

Visit GetResponse There are so many email marketing, automation, cold outreach, bulk sending services out there, and it’s so difficult to choose one when one reads about the different features and pricing each service has. However, here we will be discussing GetResponse, an email automation software provider that has tons of experience in this field […] Review

Xplain Review: Future of Education, P2P Credentialing Systems, and Decentralized Schools The current education system is certainly not too far from being flawed. A large part of the economy depends on it – a degree is still, the most important factor when one is trying to get a job offer in the majority of established […]

InFlow Inventory Review

InFlow Inventory Review: Inventory Management with Cutting-Edge Software E-commerce is booming – consumers get a „kick“ every time their package is delivered to their doorstep, and, they have learned a hard lesson that ordering products online is the most viable way of getting them, despite the economic, nature-created, or conflict-based conditions they are living in. […]

Terms of Service

TERMS OF USE Last updated October 21, 2020 AGREEMENT TO TERMS These Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and (“Company“, “we”, “us”, or “our”), concerning your access to and use of the website as well as any other media […]

Content creation

content Content creation tools Creating content can be frustrating at times. Luckily, some tools out there let you accelerate that and be a step closer to your goals. interactive web design Making custom websites and projects with no code is getting more popular on the internet. Drag and drop features allow fast idea implementation. Webflow […]

Customer support

support Get ahead in customer support The majority of companies don’t know what they’re doing in terms of choosing the right platforms to answer and give their customers a hand.  INSTANT SUPPORT LiveChat is implemented in the majority of large company websites, letting the support teams deal with customers real-time on their website. One of […]


being within the law Legal Get your paperwork together INCORPORATE Ownr will save you a hell of an amount of cash when incorporating a business. Over 20,000 companies had been founded using it and its perks successfully. OWNR TERMS MADE SIMPLE Pick what has to be inside your policies, click “submit” and get a legal […]

Data security

Protection Data security Most of us might think that the number of crackers is decreasing. Not true. GREAT COMMUNITY Sucuri provides the ultimate protection for any website, is used by multiple large internet-based companies. Probably the most trusted security guy. SUCURI read review MOST POPULAR Promoted by the majority of large youtubers and influencers, NordVPN […]

Sales conversion

sell like never before Sales conversion tools There is a lot of fish in the ocean in terms of the sales widgets available on the internet. Here we have chosen a handful of tools that actually help make that sale. Social media – better A social-media management tool when you need it, where you need […]


put your money to work Investing It’s time to start building that net worth. Overall, no one knows what can happen unexpectedly. Savings accounts that actually make sense. CIT Bank, having lots of experience, knows what to offer to you. Mortgages, eChecking accounts are also a parts of their offerings. CIT BANK Axos has been […]


loan Personal loans Sometimes, trouble comes along and puts us in an uncomfortable position. Luckily, there are some companies that will help whatever situation you are in. All-included A publicly traded on the NASDAQ composite, online company, providing all kinds of financial services, including credit cards and debt relief. CHECK RATES very fast A “multi-functional” […]


Shelter is everything Mortgage Make wiser home-owning decisions “old but gold” online bank A 20 year old online bank specializing in mortgages with one of the lowest rates out there. Lets you choose from a variety of services, including lending, online banking and bill automation. AXOS BANK all-included financial site Not only does LendingTree gives […]

Land a job

Land your dream job We live in a time when finding a job can be harder than to tickle yourself. However, there are some cool platforms that might bring you a great chance. Fiverr is probably the most famous job and micro-job platform on the internet that lets you find the gig that really fits […]


debt Debt relief Nothing worse out there than being trapped financially 20 years of helping people Having loads of experience in this niche puts a crown on CuraDebt. The company takes care of settlements, tax debt, negotiations and much more.  Curadebt Authority in the field The company claims to have absolutely no valid complaints from […]

Mobile banks

managing money easily Mobile banks Manage and send funds lightning-fast The Prince of online banks Every financial service you can think of is provided by CIT Bank, whether it’s savings accounts, mortgages, eChecking accounts or Certificate of deposits. VISIT CIT BANK Pioneer of “all-included” platforms Revolut, one of the most recognizable online banking platforms, giving […]


protect yourself Insurance insurance for everyone A well-known, cool and caring guy in town Coverwallet insurance has been on the internet for five years and had already earned a strong reputation in the online world. The company offers free quotes, insurance assessments and a top-tier service. FREE QUOTES homes, motors and more Sophisticated, customer-obsessed service […]

Email marketing

connect with your customers Email marketing and automation Connecting with potential customers through email and focusing on it is one of those sales tactics that just cannot be replaced. One of the greatest email marketing tools, Aweber, comes with features like automated newsletters, drag & drop builders and AI assistants. AWeber ActiveCampaign has been around […]

Stock market data

market data What’s hot in the stock market? Find out what’s growing or burning on our interactive charts. Never miss a great  chance again.  Find economic calendar here Today’s top gainers and losers Most active, triumphing and losing stocks for the day, five of each. Real-time market events, most relevant buy’s and sell’s. Essential market […]

Business tools

BUSINESS tools Now it’s time to start using the right instruments Are you using the right tools when it comes to emails, customer support, software, payments or providing the best possible deals for your clients?  Emails Sales Security Legal Support Content

Stock brokers

brokers Stock brokers Find your way of buying and selling securities today. reviews Read broker reviews Our reviews will help you choose your perfect broker. Discover how to avoid fees. comparisons Compare stock brokers Analyze stock brokers with us and learn the critical things to look for. best brokers See top brokers Get our top […]

Economic calendar

Economic calendar What is an economic calendar? Economic calendar is a table filled with the most significant global events that affect trade, financial instrument prices and markets around the world.   It can be used both by investors and regular people to see what is up in the economies of different countries. Economic calendar can be […]

Mortgage calculator

Mortgage calculator Calculate your mortgage with insurance and taxes Everybody has to know their mortgages and their additional costs so there would be no surprises in the future.  Here you can add your insurances as well to get a clear view about what you are paying and whatcan be negotiated.

Compound interest calculator

compound interest Compound interest calculator Everyone who is at least somewhat familiar with investing has heard Warren Buffet say the most beautiful words about compound interest. Yes, it is actually that good.  Compound interest is, in simple words, interest on interest. Percentages add up each period during the time of active investment, lend or just […]

Capital gain calculator

Capital gain calculators Short and long-term capital gain calculators This crude, old-school calculator brings nostalgia to all of us.  It may seem primitive, but it does its job precisely. Despite being outdated, it is actually really useful. Try this out. Disclaimer: helped us get these great widgets. does not make any claim that […]

Home value appraisal

home appraisal Your instant home valuation Who doesn’t want to know their or their neighbor’s home value?  We went to Pocketdoor, and they were so kind as to give us these cool home valuation tools for you to use. So, now you can find out what value the market gives to your home. Check home […]

Future value calculator

Future value  Calculate the future value of your own assets Let’s be honest. It’s not always that easy to imagine how the interest rates affect our money in the bank, investments in bonds, lending and so on.  We have one of the most interactive calculators that are also simple to use.