Blue-chip stock:, Inc.

Amazon. World’s largest e-commerce store and web services provider started by Jeff Bezos in Seattle. Amazon is both loved and hated by millions of individuals. To be more exact, more than half of American families are subscribed to Amazon Prime. Today, the company is often called the most valuable brand and is considered to be […]

Blue-chip stock: Microsoft Corporation

Name an institution so large that the operating system it owns is nearly in every computer on earth. Except for Apple of course. But that is not a problem. Apple, Inc. would not be at the point it is now if it wasn’t for Bill Gates and all the Microsoft Corporation. Many call the story […]

Blue-chip stock: The Coca-Cola Company

Everyone knows Coca-Cola very well and enjoys this syrupy, browny and sparkly liquid even on a daily basis in some cases. It is just that not a lot of people know its origins, how it claimed the fame and how powerful the company really is. Coca-Cola is the American culture, a family tradition, a global […]