Mortgage calculator

Mortgage calculator Calculate your mortgage with insurance and taxes Everybody has to know their mortgages and their additional costs so there would be no surprises in the future.  Here you can add your insurances as well to get a clear view about what you are paying and whatcan be negotiated.

Compound interest calculator

compound interest Compound interest calculator Everyone who is at least somewhat familiar with investing has heard Warren Buffet say the most beautiful words about compound interest. Yes, it is actually that good.  Compound interest is, in simple words, interest on interest. Percentages add up each period during the time of active investment, lend or just […]

Capital gain calculator

Capital gain calculators Short and long-term capital gain calculators This crude, old-school calculator brings nostalgia to all of us.  It may seem primitive, but it does its job precisely. Despite being outdated, it is actually really useful. Try this out. Disclaimer: helped us get these great widgets. does not make any claim that […]

Home value appraisal

home appraisal Your instant home valuation Who doesn’t want to know their or their neighbor’s home value?  We went to Pocketdoor, and they were so kind as to give us these cool home valuation tools for you to use. So, now you can find out what value the market gives to your home. Check home […]

Future value calculator

Future value  Calculate the future value of your own assets Let’s be honest. It’s not always that easy to imagine how the interest rates affect our money in the bank, investments in bonds, lending and so on.  We have one of the most interactive calculators that are also simple to use.