Defensive stock: Raytheon Technologies

Most of you might have not even hard of this company. It’s a leader in aerospace and defense and is pretty much kicking Lockheed Martin’s bu** in some cases. Raytheon is constantly surprising its investors with earnings reports and consistently innovating more than anyone else. Raytheon Technologies as we know it today was founded in […]

Defensive stock: Verizon Communications

Logically, when so many individuals have Verizon as their telecommunications provider, the company’s market share is quite enormous. Having a market capitalization of 245 billion dollars, Verizon can be definitely a giant, especially in the telecom industry. Verizon hadn’t been founded like any other company. Although the company was started in 1983 officially as Verizon […]

Defensive stock: Dominion Energy, Inc.

Haven’t tried reading about Dominion Energy? This is your chance. This is not a very popular stock but we, the tropics, assure you that it is going to be worthwhile. A leading company in energy which cannot be compared with any of the oil giants whatsoever. First of all, Dominion Energy is a company which […]

Defensive stock: Lockheed Martin

Oh, this one we like. “This one” is everything in terms of aerospace, national security, space exploration and weapons, all in one. Lockheed does everything it can be done to win these largely profitable government contracts. This company and its stock are beyond greatness. Let’s put “Martin” aside for a moment because Lockheed got its […]