Dividend stock: Pfizer, Inc.

Pfizer, as we all know it, is one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations on the planet, the second-largest by market capitalization after Johnson & Johnson. The impact of Pfizer can be felt in every part of the world which started with penicillin during the great wars. Pfizer is one of those old-timer, well-established, controversy-filled, heart-of-America […]

Dividend stock: Dover Corporation

You might already be asking, what is Dover and what does it do? To put simply, it is an American conglomerate that specializes in manufacturing different industrial products for consumers and other companies and sells absolutely great software. The company was not really founded but more like put together out of 4 already existing ones. […]

Dividend stock: Pepsico, Inc.

And here is the left hand of Coca-Cola. The ugly friend in restaurants which doesn’t seem to get much attention whatsoever. We like Pepsi’s stock often times even more than we do Coca-Cola’s. There is not much rocket science to learn to understand this internationally powerful company. It’s a beverage company with very innovative marketing, […]

Dividend stock: AT&T Inc.

And here comes one of the more interesting stories. This story could be called “How a dragon got shoved back to his cave”. We like to call AT&T a dragon who got his fire completely put out because the power it had and the flames it could produce were pretty large but it got crushed […]