Value stock: Procter & Gamble

A national conglomerate, an American dream, a friend of families, their hygiene and a super successful investment, that’s what Procter & Gamble is, if you ask us. Having one of the largest market shares in America for some companies, apparently, isn’t enough. They just need to go worldwide and monopolize, capitalize and do every other […]

Value stock: Barrick gold Corp.

Gold has been and still is one of the most valuable commodities or currencies, as one might say. It has been this way for centuries, ever since it was discovered, a good amount of transactions used to be based on gold. Okay, so gold has been a piece of cake for investors and consumers acting […]

Value stock: Nvidia Corp.

Nvidia is one of the largest technology companies worldwide with a market capitalization of 318 billion dollars as of September 2020. Whenever a tech guy hears the word GPU (Graphics processing unit), Nvidia immediately comes to mind. Recently this large tech player had started expanding into a wider specter of areas like self-driving cars, artificial […]

Value stock: Johnson & Johnson

Like many very valuable companies on earth, J&J had been started a long ago, in 1886 to be exact. In more than 130 years this company had been making products which most of us would not be able to live without today. A company had given us so much: Listerine, BAND-AID, Johnson’s baby, Tylenol, Nicorette […]