Coronavirus real-time statistics and heatmap

Microsoft, Google and many other influential companies give their best each day to provide with accurate and valuable data, especially at these uncertain times when everybody is in panic and can’t find a place in the world for themselves. 

Bing, a search engine owned by Microsoft Corporation was so kind as to release a coronavirus real-time tracking widget internationally to spread the word. And we, as respectful tropics couldn’t help but try spreading this crucial data.  

What is very impressive is this heat map below. It is quite difficult to find such data and compile it. Of course, we think that some data is constantly missing, especially in such regions as the uninhabited parts of Siberian Russia filled with nothing but trees, deserted lands in the Middle East, etc. 

But it’s not that only forests and deserts tend to cover up these cases. In a recent report from an employee from one of the largest companies on the planet it is claimed that at work, people were were told to keep their mouths shut in an event of having the disease.

We would like to advise you to observe this data with a conscious mind. Never be too sure about the accuracy of information of any kind. During this period when the world is going nuts and we tend to start seeing slight phases of real propaganda, it is better to stay aware.

I remember the day I first saw an article on Yahoo Finance on covering the first knocks of coronavirus when I was still at school. 

It was December I think and it had made some impression on me, I’ve even had some discussions with a friend. But neither I nor anybody else had thought that it would become such massive global problem that would impact lives of practically everyone on our lovely planet. 

I, like so many people out there had been deeply invested in the stock market at that time and everyone was so happy about these winter holiday returns. And then, some time later it struck all the news portals harshly and right at the same time. 

The markets crashed like never before, the Fed couldn’t take their hands off the circuit breaker.  Everyone thought it was going to be something like a zombie apocalypse. People were crushing the supermarkets, jumping over others, damaging the items, falling on the floor and so on.

And now as we all think about it, it was kind of a zombie apocalypse. Staying and adapting to work at home came with depression, at least for those who still had their job positions in place. 

Massive firings conducted by millions of companies lead to huge unemployment which is still around, rising numbers of unemployment benefits started striking the government. Pandemic checks, Fed buying bonds, PPP loans for businesses with corporate fraud involved there and humongous amount of dollars printed all came together and became a national economic disaster.

It had seemed like a never-ending panic attack with people rioting for different causes, conspiracy theorists coming out of their caves, environmentalists jumping over the “improvements in the climate change”. 

It has become really difficult to find some article, some video recording or just a person with rational thought and conscious mind. Irrationality has taken the world like some kind of dogma, like a form of political side. It embedded itself into the stock market, people’s behavior, psychology and social life.

One can see these revolutionary, opposition-based posts from such subjects as David Icke, Alex Jones on Facebook and other social media. They had quickly been taken down. 

Movements rise up from different places: Messenger and Whatsapp groups, Youtube channels like LondonReal throw questionable theories out there which often take easily persuaded people down the loophole. 

Facts about vaccines and the medicine should not be put up by anyone else so easily. Especially at this time when companies like Gilead and AMD are working so hard on solving this extremely difficult vaccine problem. 

To be more exact, we would like to cover some key points from this crazy period that we lived and are kind of still living through. Getting back to the financial side of the impacts of this pandemic, important things to mention are the PPP loans, constant money printing by the fed and the stimulus checks.

First of all, every single aspect is connected. These beautiful stimulus checks or corporate would not have been possible without the Fed printing so much money. Nor the corporate bonds would have been able to be bought by the government without printing.

The more printing happens, the more “privileges” government can give to people and different companies, of course. 

Buying bonds and giving checks to citizens may look like huge steps taken to stimulate economy, however, the real deal is that millions are still filing for unemployment benefits each day and it really has an immense impact for the society. 

I really like the quote from the picture “The Big Short” told by no other than Brad Pitt. It goes like this: “Every 1% unemployment goes up, 40,000 people die”. 

This data has not really been backed by evidence as far as our research goes but know but it seems that the numbers are nearly true. Mortality rates actually tend to increase with periods of unemployment. 

Getting back to the Fed, how does this organization know the limits of printing money? The Fed is still an organization operating independently from the government and it ironically was put together by a number of the most influential and powerful people during a strictly arranged meeting. 

Crazy, right, when you think about who is controlling all the funds of the the country, but that is the way it is.

As the money printing went through the roof of the Fed’s, so did the stock market. Institutional, retail investors, especially players on the Robinhood platform got extremely comfortable and protected by the huge printing machine

Tech stocks, particularly FAANG stocks got ahead like never before. Also lucky were the ones who had some stock in Zoom Video Communications, this platform had taken over the world, people now even forget what Skype is. 

Stock market had created a very strange atmosphere, where while very little is happening in the economy and the employment is extremely low, charts are smiling wider than ever before. 

Now that anybody over 18 can invest in practically anything from their bedrooms and not a large amount of individuals know what they are doing, professionals are also confused. 

Internet changes stuff rapidly, jobs, stock market and communications will never be the same ever again. Market moves in the strangest ways these days: up, down, sideways and around. 

In terms of the PPP loans, there had been loads of fraud. This goes from the FTC starting prosecution processes for “fake gurus” to greedy companies leveraging current situation to get the money that belongs to small, vulnerable companies

Many companies with a decent number of employees were pretending to be small companies by fraudulently filing their papers for the loans. 

Especially, this kind of behavior hurt companies which are constantly hunting for the government contracts. Kanye West, Grant Cardone and other celebrities are also known to have taken these opportunities for their own purposes.

What’s also bugging the planet that coronavirus escalated? The trade war between the US and China. There are more countries involved but more about that in other articles. 

China is, of course, well-known for its communist system, social scores, phony cities, internet restrictions, currency being artificially devalued and all that other stuff. Mostly what hits us the most is the currency devaluation, import and export. 

China thinks and acts by using special maneuvers. Many similarities of which can be found in Sun-Tzu’s “The Art Of War”, a book from the 5th century BC which we highly recommend.

The maneuvers China uses are not conventional, they are very strategic and the US hadn’t seen much of something like them. 

Now that it has such large share of the world’s market originating from the large factories and different industry advancements, China probably decided that it is best to just close the doors and keep every for themselves. 

More power, more lead and control over other countries and continents. Currency devaluation highly affects doing international trade. 

Why? Because exporters from other countries have to pay way more for the goods and services they get from China than they used to because of the catastrophically inflated currency exchange rate. 

It’s just not worth the export or doing business of any kind. Wuhan Corona-virus had also been questioned for the place of its origination. China’s authorities harshly denied happenings of any incident in Wuhan laboratories. 

Fortunately there have been whistleblowers who had quickly been “taken care of ” after blowing their whistle.  

What else? Chinese property developers build ghost cities. There isn’t a clear number how many of those uninhabited cities there are but experts seem to estimate it to be 50. Cities are built because of the resources close or in certain areas. 

Building these ghost towns the Chinese thought people would just occupy them over time. It is believed by them that “the housing market can only go up” and up nevertheless if someone is living in their properties or not. 

So, there are many profiteers who want to jump in because for them it seems to never be too late to do it. 

Coronavirus, without a question has turned lives of all of us upside down. Every aspect of our lives has been at least a bit impacted by the pandemic and the virus itself. 

No one can predict what happens in the near future but it is clear, like Warren Buffet and we too believe that America and the rest of the world will rise and triumph again for a long time with such discipline and innovation as we have now. 

Vaccines are expected to be created soon enough and the most influential people in our societies are going to be doing their best to get it to every individual on the planet.

Coronavirus stats & heatmap

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