All of us are making a huge transition. We are moving our education to the online world. There are loads of platforms out there for learning individually but not all of them provide real value. However, you might like our picks.

Platforms that stick

tech skills

Courses organized by companies like Google, IBM and Microsoft make Udacity the ultimate learning platform for big data, programming, AI, cloud computing and business skills.


audio books of the future

Blinkist gives you access to hundreds of audiobooks and presents them the way you prefer: Either in super-informative summaries or full books. Amazon’s Audible must be concerned.


courses with degrees

Learn rhymes with earn. With Future Learn you can not only acquire valuable and on-demand skills but also get an online degree that means something. The teachers come from respected schools.


it’s just necessary

The most well-known platform for learning how to program a computer. Although the No-code movement is on the rise, it will not let you to actually communicate with a  machine.


Choose from a handful of teachers

Letting experts help you get fluent: Preply review

Edureka claims to have the most effective learning system: True or false?

Learning from the world's top performers with Big Think Edge

Lingoda review: A language school that suits everyone

Accredited and recognized courses that show you how to teach: Premier TEFL

Italki review: 10,000 teachers to choose from which will teach you any language

Platforms we love

Learning from the world's top performers with Big Think Edge

SkillShare: Learning or teaching in the most modern and convenient way

Discover a modern learning experience

Technology skills of the future: Pluralsight review

Free online courses with Creative Live: Worth it?

Scheduling your courses with Udemy: Review

Coursera review: A giant that gets even Stanford or Google to teach you

EDX gets the largest universities to teach free online courses

Rosetta Stone review: Languages for actual communication

War for the language market share

A German teacher for European languages: Babbel

Mondly review: The best approach to quick learning?

Topnotch audiobooks provider

The supreme leader in audiobooks with countless features: Audible review

More of a serious learner?

A community built for entrepreneurs: GLO review

Courses in finance, quantitative predictions and data: CFI review

The simplest courses with regulatory approvals: 360 Training

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