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These days, money advice is all over the place, you can find it on the internet or see on TV occasionally. 

However, many people who offer it on the media are more than often not qualified to teach about savings, insurance, mortgages, etc. 

We, on the other hand, find professionals, experts in their field so that there would be no misunderstandings or flaws in your mighty financial plans.


Mobile banks

Handle debt


Land a job





Your handy financial instruments

Our top picks. Continuously tested, reviewed and ready for their duties. These guys never let us down.

Skrill is more like a digital wallet than a bank, letting you send money overseas and not charging a dime for it. Also, a crypto enthusiast.

Transferwise focuses mainly on currencies and their exchange rates. They claim to have rates 8 times cheaper than the UK banks.

Transfers aren’t free, but  offers payments to more than 90 countries. Having a 24/7 support really helps when wanting it to go smoothly.

A UK-based international payments provider with low fees and one of the fastest money transfers there are. Great business accounts


Tide Business
Bank accounts for every business owner
Free company incorporation, digitally
Small business - oriented 
Expenses, analytics on multiple accounts
Automatically - put transaction categories
Making accountants happy with classification
CIT Bank
Online-only, leading US bank, offering top-tier savings accounts
Money Market accounts with mobile banking 
Savings accounts with no fees
Certificate of Deposits with rates that suit you
Accounts insured by the FDIC
Daily compounding interest
bunq BV
International card transfers, SEPA payments provider
Funds insured by the DGS for 100,000 Eur
Different credit card options
Main focus and movement - greener planet
Built with security for Europe
Planting trees on your behalf
US-based leader in online lending since 1996
Five types of loans you can take out
Winning credit score checker and analyzer
Credit cards for every single need
Providing debt relief and insurance 
Simplifying your borowing
Axos Bank
20 year-old mobile bank
Best Checking Account award in 2019
Send, borrow, invest money online as an individual
Banking accounts for business of every kind and size
Locked, one of the lowest mortgage rates
Widely respected on the internet
Personal finance

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