InFlow Inventory Review: Inventory Management with Cutting-Edge Software

E-commerce is booming – consumers get a „kick“ every time their package is delivered to their doorstep, and, they have learned a hard lesson that ordering products online is the most viable way of getting them, despite the economic, nature-created, or conflict-based conditions they are living in.

Businesses of all kind, small or large-scale, have to adapt to the ever-changing consumer needs and wants. Even when a company does not have a physical store, making its customers delighted is the most essential priority.

However, managing stock, dealing with orders, returns, and quality customer support is quite difficult for the majority of businesses. This “enterprise phenomenon” can even be compared to how leverage and non-modern scales work: One part of a factory/warehouse can be outweighed by one of better quality, and, when all of these imbalanced operations are interacting, the whole division gets out of control.

InFlow Inventory

That is why companies like InFlow Inventory exist – they build advanced hardware and write smooth software to help businesses take care of their orders and stock the proper, and quicker way. The company is exceptional because it has a broad variety of products under its wing, which can be used on multiple devices with different operating systems, and specifications.

InFlow Inventory has A LOT of different features that are distributed in best potential use cases. There are 8 of the main business sectors the company builds products for: Inventory, sales, purchasing, reports, settings, services, and platforms. 

Each one of these sectors have a bunch of product categories to choose from, and under the categories, they have an incredibly large number of products. We truly have hardly seen a single privately-held company have such substantial diversity and amount of goods to make and sell.

The use cases for these products include: Product organization, barcoding, invoices and receipts, product tracking, manufacturing, quotes, order fulfillment, payments, customer “profiling”, vendor management, dashboards, reporting, e-commerce, automation, hosting, team work – the list goes on and on!

The detailed description of all goods is on the company’s “Features” page, it can be found here:

InFlow Inventory has partnered with tech giants like Zapier, QuickBooks, Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, and Squarespace, to help businesses integrate their software and make the most out of them.


One of the biggest gems this company gives out is the free-of-charge start with their platforms, and it does not require your credit card information!

After testing the platforms out, one can consider 3 different plans InFlow offers:

  • LIGHT – 71USD/month: Supports 2 team members, 1 inventory location, 2 hours of setup help, limits 100 sales monthly, gives unlimited support, an optional smart scanner.
  • STANDARD – 179USD/month: Supports 5 members, 3 integrations, 1000 monthly sales limit, B2B portal creation, 4hr setup help and optional scanner.
  • PLUS – 359USD/month: Supports 10 team members, unlimited inventory locations, unlimited integrations, 5000 monthly sales limit, option to restrict location access, 6hr setup support, B2B portal creation + features of LIGHT and STANDARD

Prices above are paid annually. If paying monthly, LIGHT is 79USD/mo, STANDARD is 199USD/mo, Plus is 399USD/mo.

InFlow also offers custom plans, but for that, you are going to need to contact their sales team.

InFlow Inventory Pros & Cons

What is a review without +’s and –‘s? We gathered information from former/existing users, the company website itself, and hopefully, this will give you a broader view on the company.


  • The software feels intuitive and the ease of use can be compared to one of Windows – people don’t need to additionally learn how to operate it.
  • Everything is in the cloud, so every piece of data is managed without a drop of sweat.
  • The bar code “gun” setup is super-easy, barely an inconvenience, and works like a charm.
  • The upgrade of Version 2 to Version 3 of the software increased the quality of user experience.
  • Warehouse teams have the privilege of using accurate data, fast transfers of it to different file types.
  • Increase in team collaboration, organization, and workflow.
  • All-integrated Internet of Things turn warehouse people into lightning-fast superheroes
  • Software looks more user friendly for some than QuickBooks.


  • Sometimes, data like photos, have trouble loading on mobile devices when uploaded on a Windows PC.
  • After the Version 3 release few years ago, there have been complaints about the bugs in the system, but were having been quickly resolved after contacting the support.
  • Some don’t like the Windows application because of the interface/front-end and complained about not having the cart button


InFlow Inventory is quite a majestic B2B company in our time. Such variety of superb products, very fast customer support, gives businessmen hope that there still are great partners and software sellers to work with. Inventory management, the way InFlow wants it to be and makes it, is clearly changing the logistics, e-commerce and enterprise ecosystem. The company gets what it deserves – respect, feedback and love from the users, or partners like Zapier, Shopify, and QuickBooks.

If you think you are the one, who would greatly benefit from InFlow Inventory’s products and services, click our affiliate link and sign up to begin a new kind of journey with your sales, factory or warehouse operations.

Feel free to check InFlow out, that would really help us! Here is the link:

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