protect yourself


You, family, business and pets - all under umbrellas

insurance for everyone

A well-known, cool and caring guy in town

Coverwallet insurance has been on the internet for five years and had already earned a strong reputation in the online world. The company offers free quotes, insurance assessments and a top-tier service.

homes, motors and more

Sophisticated, customer-obsessed service

Allstate-owned Esurance has been around for more than 20 years, doing so well that it got acquired multiple times by different companies. Providing every single type of insurance one can think of at reasonable cost.

human resources + insurance

A bundle of services for your business

Originally, Bambee is a HR company that gives businesses access to professionals in this area who only take 99$ a month. However, it is also a great business insurance company, which, along with HR, builds terrific protection

Decide which way to go

Probably the most modern insurance company today, Embroker

LendingTree review: A multi-service finance company loved by millions

Remaining customer-focused after several acquisitions, Esurance

Gabi Insurance review: Chasing money-saving opportunities

Humble guys focusing on travel and health coverings, Insured Nomads

In the UK? These are for you

Trusted in Britain, known overseas, ALA GAP doesn't let down

Travel and car hire expert, Questor Insurance review

AXA review: Does quality change after getting very large?

Cover My Breakdown review: How much can 18£/year get you?

Take care of your little buddies

Not just pet insurance? Eusoh review

Pets Best review: Routine care and coverage for pets

In Mexico? You might want to try this

The right coverage to get for Mexico:

Obviously, your house. However, it is probable that you didn't know that in most cases, home insurance also covers:


  • The theft of jewellery
  • The owner of the house
  • Majority of natural disasters


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