Shelter is everything


Make wiser home-owning decisions

"old but gold" online bank

A 20 year old online bank specializing in mortgages with one of the lowest rates out there. Lets you choose from a variety of services, including lending, online banking and bill automation.

all-included financial site

Not only does LendingTree gives you access to insurance, credit cards and scores, it also provides a bunch of options of those looking to buy a home. In few seconds it matches you with a suitable lender.

credit reports, no cost

Credit Karma monitors and helps your credit score go up like a helium balloon. And all that for free. They send you on-point insights about your financial health and supports your journey to better decisions.

Your financial lifejacket

Loans when you need them the most: LeapCredit review

Credit firms to consider

Credit Saint review: A trusted credit restoration manager

Credit Fix Guy: Is that guy trustworthy? review: Are those monthly payments worth it?

Pushing credit scores up: Credit Network Assistance

Current mortgage rates


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