Growth stock: PayPal Holdings

Where would we all be today without PayPal, our dedicated and caring online bank? PayPal. The story behind it is one of those that you can remember for a long time. The story starts with Peter Thiel and Max Levchin building the first digital wallet on the planet, integrated in those palmpilots back in the […]

Growth stock: Netflix, Inc.

Whoever wants to watch some TV shows, movies and to chill out a bit, goes and pays Netflix that subscription. Nobody has both, more watched and more unwatched shows and films than the tech giant that we all love and sometimes hate, Netflix. Read and chill. Everyone knows what Netflix is, but we still want […]

Growth stock: Alphabet Inc.

Today, Google, as we all know it is deeply embedded in our culture, controlling a large part of our lives. We find things as Facebook, Twitter or Amazon on it, we are able to watch videos of cats and scenes from movies on Youtube. But that’s what most of us think if Google. However this […]

Growth stock: Tesla, Inc.

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