Not many realize what Tesla Motors actually is. It is not just manufacturer of electric automobiles, it is also a software company. Some people like to call Teslas “Computers on wheels” and that is quite accurate knowing how complex the hardware and software of these cars are.

Here we will be discussing the most notable achievements of this company and going deep into clues, problems and much more.

Today, Tesla is a whale already and is currently the most valuable auto manufacturer in the entire world. However the company had its humble beginnings, some might say, one of the humblest ones out there.

It had taken enormous amounts of work and brilliant engineering for Tesla to become what it is regarded as today. And the head of the company is none other than an engineer himself, terrific risk-taking businessman, programmer and a scientist, Elon Musk.

There is a lot to be covered and learned Tesla Motors, its growth so pay attention.

Elon Musk didn’t found Tesla Motors as many of you might think but actually he first joined the company as a product architect and invested in it immediately after seeing its potential. The company was lead and founded by an american engineer named Martin Eberhard.

Eberhard had been leading the company until 2008 and during that year Elon Musk was to take the company into his own hands. 2008 as we all know it has been one of the most challenging years in history, not counting our two great wars.

An economic disaster occurred when those risky mortgages which the biggest banks had been enjoying for such a long time finally defaulted and created a global chain reaction of recessions. Countries like Greece had not really recovered from the crisis even as of today.

But that is a different story for a different time. Tesla Motors was taken by Elon Musk who had been the man in charge of the company during its most terrible years. Young entrepreneur also had another company on his shoulders he was the head of, SpaceX.

As a result of these outrageous mortgage-backed securities defaulting, every single investment bank was losing money quickly. More than ever before. So the funding was discontinued for Tesla Motors and the company had to look for new investors, or else, it would have defaulted, just like those nasty mortgage-backed securities.

The CEO of the company, Elon Musk was going to lose both of his companies if he did not find a way to get funding. Fortunately, after many sleepless nights and constant work he did get funded by NASA for both companies.

Those sleepless nights involved a lot of work in SpaceX as well for Musk. The reason this young entrepreneur got funding for both of his companies was because of the success in a rocket launch demonstration.

If this final event was not successful, both Tesla Motors and SpaceX would have probably never been seen again.

We, the public would not have seen such machines as Model S, Model 3, Model Y and Model X come to life. People would not be able to integrate Powerpacks, Megapacks, solar roof tiles and much more in their homes.

After so much public doubt, short-selling investors and different insults, Tesla stood up for what it really means and showed the planet how it can achieve massive success. The goal of Tesla, as many of us know is making more and more affordable, the coolest electric vehicles and leading the world to clean energy.

Being the most valuable automotive company in the United States and beyond, Tesla is able to influence different people such as young engineers, professionals in electricity, designers, architects and so much more. Who does not like Teslas after all?

For your surprise, there are some who do not like Tesla at all. Interestingly enough, those haters happen to come from such organizations as Exxon Mobile, Shell, BP, Chevron, Ford, General Motors, Daimler, Volkswagen, you get the point.

As of this time we all know that oil is coming to an end. This is not just an empty claim of ours. The case studies made by people who had been in the electric vehicle field for more than anyone out there tell the absolute truth.

We got to know, an organization which turns gasoline cars into electric.

On August 10th, 2019 the owner of EVTV had published a blog post which we absolutely recommend you to read. You can see what we had just found out here.

It is one of the best studies we came across throughout the years on electric cars. It clearly depicts how aggressively the production of electric vehicles is tried to be stopped. And to stop Tesla from production and all the hype it receives are putting all this effort none other than the largest oil companies and gas automobile manufacturers.

There is no going back to oil whatsoever. In this case study linked above we can discover that 50% of all oil produced and distilled goes to cars, trucks, motorcycles ant other vehicles.

What also is listed there is that “It would be a $2.75 billion dollar win if the adoption of the electric car could be forestalled for ONE DAY“. That means, each day electric cars are driven on the roads of our planet, the big oil industry is losing 2.75 billion dollars.

Every. Single. Day.

So, as we can imagine, the oil companies are desperate to put Tesla down.

This Tesla put-down may be tried by shorting its stock using the last dollar these oil giants have in their pockets. Also, using bureaucracy to get bad press on the electric car manufacturer.

Luckily, Tesla is already pretty much unstoppable by now, knowing that even people who don’t give a single damn about clean energy and the future of this planet are completely astounded by the safety, design, features and performance of these brilliant electric cars.

If companies like BMW and Volkswagen, the long timers, don’t innovate soon enough, all cars will be Teslas.

There is a lot of proof that the oil and gas companies have been trying to destroy all the patents and potential innovations for and electric car for a very long time.

A scientist who once came up with a design of an electric car, had sold his patent to General Motors. And GM has been holding onto that patent without doing anything with the concept until it expired and there was no more threat for disruption of their brilliantly adjusted gasoline cars.

The aforementioned facts should be remembered by everyone. We are going to say it for the last time. The oil and gas industry has been trying to stop the development and the future of electric vehicles for decades and using completely unethical tactics to crush EV companies, most notably, Tesla Motors.

What we should learn from this is that especially now, when such large organizations are slowing down the manufacturing and development of the coolest things on earth just because they are either: Too lazy do build EV’s themselves; It’s all for the oil money.

Not many realize what Tesla Motors actually is. It is not just manufacturer of electric automobiles, it is also a software company.

Now about the stock. Tesla stock has been all over the place since November, 2019. It is difficult to browse the finance news without seeing some editor or analyst discussing Tesla. It’s all because recently, the company still did not have any revenue, the success of its stock was often determined by how many people believed in it.

When the stock started going through the roof in the late 2019 there had been so many skeptics one could barely count.

To be more exact, there have been at least three days in a row during which Tesla moved upwards by around 10% or more each day. Then of course there was the COVID-19 stock market crash. Those days have been very unfortunate for some, us included, to tell the truth.

However, after the market had reached its very bottom, guess who was one of the main players in the market. Tesla, of course. Once the investors got comfortable investing once again, the stock grew. Oh boy it grew. In seven following months the stock surged more than 400%.

Crazy things started happening in the markets after the crash, stay-at-home stocks like Zoom, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon and others like them had reached their highs.

Tesla is beating competition without even wanting to by introducing these unseen designs of its models. With such rapid innovation in terms of battery power and density, the company will soon be introducing batteries that will allow Teslas reach ranges that would completely overthrow gasoline cars and make them absolutely irrelevant for our times.

In terms of the batteries, lithium-ion based ones are mostly used for Teslas because they can give incredible amounts of power compared to batteries made with different materials.

We will finish by giving you more facts. Having them you will be able to have your more straight-up perspective on these electric cars.

One of the latest Tesla releases, the Model 3 is the winner of: Popular Mechanics’ Car Of The Year; Detroit News Magazines’ Car Of The Year; Autoexpress’ Car Of The Year; 2018 Automobile Excellence Awards Car Of The Year.

The experts who are picking those cars yearly are the real deal and the achievement of having an award like one of these, at least one, should make the automaker very proud.

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